Hello and welcome to the site. This is not supposed to be a clever site, it is just for people from the Tech Talk forum on Recording.org to be able to see the pcbs we have for limited sale. At the moment we have the SSL Clone and the G9 dual mic pre both from Jakob of Gyraf fame's fair hand. Go to his site, www.gyraf.dk/ and scrol down to DIT-projetcs, for parts lists and loads of other great info. Also check out The Lab on the Group DIY website  http://www.groupdiy.com/ for loads of support, encouragement and gems of knowledge...

Payment for these is by Paypal to the chef AT audiokitchen DOT co DOT uk address. Please email us at that address before sending any funds, to confirm availability etc!!!!!!!!!!!

The prices listed below are all inclusive prices which means there is NO shipping on top. That price is all you pay per set, YES ANYWERE in the World!

The Gyraf Audio SSL Clone Mix Bus Compressor PCBs

20.50 inc shipping per set.


The Gyraf Audio G9 Dual Valve Mic Pre PCBs

25.50 per set including shipping